Nutrient Absorption of the Foods We Eat

Our bodies are often unable to actually make use of the nutrients we ingest from the foods we eat. Hormonal issues, digestive issues and toxins all contribute to the problem.In addition, our foods are less nutrient-dense due to poor soil quality and the typical American diet is low in impo Read more

Lyme Disease: Patient Testimonial

Melissa Tahmisian, Lyme patient, explains how her Lyme awareness began: fatigue and brain fog, being unable to start and complete tasks effectively, and feeling older than she actually was. Her symptoms started in 1996 when she was engaged to be married to her husband. She notice Read more

Raw Foods and Pain Management

Do you experience chronic pain, reduction in movement, and other chronic health issues? In many cases, these symptoms are indicators of chronic inflammation in the body from toxicity. When the body becomes too toxic, a number of different symptoms and illnesses can appear. Dr. Michael Kar Read more

Livingston Cancer Protocol

Virginia Livingston pioneered an interesting immunological therapy based on her bacterial theory of cancer. In 1947 she discovered a form-changing microbe, believed to be the cause of most cancer in humans and animals. She later named this highly unusual bacterium known as Progenitor cryp Read more

Health Benefits of Cilantro

Cilantro, a spicy, aromatic herb is a favorite in ethnic foods and cooking, and has a variety of medicinal benefits including detoxification of heavy metals, digestive tract support, and antibiotic and anti-fungal properties for infections and immune boosting power. Learn more about this Read more

Healing the Imprint of Trauma with Kate OConnell

Trauma can go as far back as conception and is imprinted within us at a cellular level. If you do just talk therapy and don't include all the other aspects necessary for healing you are just reinforcing the energy/belief symptom. Kate O'Connell observed that its important need to get Read more

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